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General Introduction

Russian Society of Nematologists (RSN) was organized in 1993 consisting of Russian and foreign experts with the aim to advance nematological sciences in Russia and behind of its border. RSN represents itself as the intermediary on information interchange between nematologists, holds regular meetings, and also promotes and expands knowledge at all stages of nematological sciences. RSN is dedicated to operate on a noncommercial basis to promote the science of Nematology.

The international symposia which are organized by the Russian Society of Nematologists each two years since 1993 are the main forum of Russian scientists engaged in basic and applied research nematology. A number of subjects including biology and ecology of nematodes, relationships of nematodes with other microorganisms in soil and water ecosystems, systematic and phylogeny questions will be discussed during the 10th international nematology symposium. Methods of biological and chemical control of parasitic and quarantine nematode population will be discussed in the network of applied nematology.

This meeting will familiarize nematologists and in the first place the young scientists with modern achievements in various areas of the nematology. In the network of the Symposium, lectures on biology, physiology and systematics of nematodes and as their mutual relations with other organisms will be delivered by the Russian and worldwide experts.